Gila National Forest
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  • 3: Dragonfly Interpretive Site & Trail


    The Dragonfly Trailhead is located roughly three (3) miles east of Silver City, on the north side of US Highway 180.


    Dragonfly Trail is most known for the petroglyphs located approximately two miles from the trailhead. You can see petroglyphs, enjoy the many live dragonflies during the right season, and take in the breathtaking scenery. The trail is open to pedestrians/hikers, cyclists and is equestrian friendly. Dogs are permitted, under the control of their owner.


    While enjoying the petroglyphs make sure to:

    • Take pictures
    • Document where you see petroglyphs in a written form, i.e., a journal
    • Leave only footprints; take only memories
    • Respect ancient cultural artifacts
    • Never deface rock art or attempt to remove the rock art
    • Never build fires near the rock art
    • Avoid climbing or leaning on the rock art
    • Never chalk, trace or apply anything to the rock art panels
    • Do not touch the petroglyphs as the oils from your hands can damage or change the pigments of the rock art